Payday Loans Without Faxing Or A Credit Check

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Don’t waste your time with company’s that want you to complete piles of paperwork and then wait to see if your approved. Then if you are approved, you have to wait up to 3 days to get your money. With 60 Minute Payday you get approved instantly, there are no credit checks, and you can have your money in your account in an hour. It really shouldn’t be that hard to just get a payday loan with no credit check.

There are times in life when we need to borrow some money. However, not all of us have perfect credit. Even those of us with decent credit know that right now, in these financial times, going down to your local bank to get a small loan is a giant waste of time. So what are we to do? By far the easiest way to get your hands on a 1500 dollar loan is utilize cash advance services. You need to be careful though, a lot of these places are less than reputable. Here at we have done the research for you to find only the most reputable places for you to borrow money. Along with that we have searched high and low to find places that actually WILL lend you the money that you need. Here we understand that you may not have all day to look around and try and find the right place to get what you need. Beyond that, a lot of times, even when you do find the right place, they want you to fax them over piles of paperwork before they lend you any money. That’s why we found 60 Minute Payday. This is the best option for getting the cash you need right away without going through a ton of unnecessary headaches.

Real life example of a 1500 dollar loan helping someone out.

Hi, my name is Jim and I am school teacher in Philadelphia PA. I have a wife and two children. We only have one vehicle between the two of us and I generally use public transportation to get to work. Well one day my wife was driving down the expressway when she blew a tire and ran up on the curb. After paying to get the car towed to the repair shop, we found out that the bill was going to be over a thousand dollars! After just paying all of our bills we did not have the money to get the car repaired. So I went down to my bank to see if I could get a small loan. Because of my bad credit the bank quickly declined to lend me any money. After doing some searching on the internet about where to get a loan with bad credit, I ran across After filling out the short application online I actually had the 1500 dollar loan in my bank account in under an hour. I was so relieved that the process was this easy. They didn’t even check my credit or ask me to fax anything in. I was amazed! If you are looking for a short term cash advance than this is really the easiest and fastest way to attain one. Thank god for this site that helped me get payday loan with no credit check. There are enough difficult things in this world without having to worry about passing a credit check just to get the money I need.

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